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Item Consulting can help you to streamline your business with software designed especially for you, cutting costs by enabling you and your staff to work more efficiently.

Whether you are a sole trader or a large limited company, just starting out or well established - time is money! Item Consulting can streamline your existing office procedures into an online system that's easy to use, and accessible at work, from home, or on the road.

Just give us a call on 01375 891094 or email jackie@itemconsulting.co.uk. We'll visit you, establish your needs and give you a free estimate for your streamlined office system.

If you're an established company and your current office procedures work well, you don't want to start all over again. You can buy software off the shelf, send people on training courses to learn how to use it, and mould your way of working to fit it. But why fix what isn't broken?

If your current systems work well in theory, but are paper-based and everything takes a long time to do then we will be able to help you. By understanding your existing process, we can create an online system which follows the same steps but, with the computer's help, you and your staff will get the job done more efficiently.

If you're a new company just starting out it's worth putting systems into place right at the beginning. As your business grows you'll be well placed to take on more customers, process more enquiries and take more orders, so you don't start to drown under the volume of it all. All the procedures will be in place, you and your staff will know how to use the system, and you can take your expansion in your stride.

How can Item Consulting help you? Domain name registration, content management systems (CMS), office systems
Item Consulting & Services Limited have been designing websites and developing software since 2001. We've got experience of working with everyone from small, local businesses in Thurrock, Essex to larger companies in London and the South East.

We can create a database and develop software to enable you to keep track of your customers, members, products or property, plus invoicing, stock control, document merge and creation ... whatever you need to make your working day easier. You tell us what you need and we will make it happen.

Example 1 - an easy estimate and invoicing system for an online shop selling PA systems [view]  [hide]

Example 2 - a member database and management system for a large organisation [view]  [hide]

  • If you don't already have a website...
    We can register your chosen Domain name, design a logo if required, and can design a web page layout. If you just want a back-office system with no public website that's fine, but if you decide you would also like to advertise your business on the web we can create a bespoke website which complements your logo and fits both your personality and the ethos of your business. We can copy the style of any marketing material you may already be using, and can use that as a starting point for the website.

  • If you already have a website ...
    That's not a problem. We can copy the look and feel of your website for the back-office systems and you can link to it from your intranet.

  • We can host your website, database and back office system
    We can host your website and/or back office system for just 125 + VAT per year. That includes:
    -  unlimited email addresses if needed
    -  Webmail (so you can get your emails when you're away from the office)
    -  free website statistics (giving you a behind-the-scenes view of who's visiting your website)
    -  a whole year's support from us, so if you're stuck or if anything goes wrong you can just pick up the phone
    -  basic search engine optimisation is built in, and your website will be validated by Google and submitted to
       the main search engines

  • What about security? ...
    All of the Administration programs will be hidden behind password-controlled logons. Your pages will not be seen by the public. Databases are backed up daily, to two locations. Secure servers, more frequent backups and non-shared servers are also available at additional cost. Alternatively, you are welcome to host the system on your in-house servers.

  • Worried how much it will all cost?
    Don't be - we offer very reasonable rates, and can tailor the system to your budget. We won't try to oversell or baffle you with science. You'll get a friendly service with great attention to detail, and your satisfaction as our highest priority.

Have a chat to us! Just give us a call on 01375 891094 or email jackie@itemconsulting.co.uk. We'll visit you, get an idea of your needs and give you a free estimate for your new website.

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